Remember the term ‘hot knifing?’
Way back in the day, I’m sure many of us had our little hacks to smoking reefer. My favorite pastime is smoking out of an apple! Once, in my early cannabis industry years, a member of the collective I worked for told me about ‘iron spooning’ which does sound odd, but was a definite way to combust cannabis oil and get, well, extremely medicated. I should mention it was basically the same as ‘hot knifing’ but with more surface area to heat for that sweet, sweet chemical reaction when cannabis oil hits a heated surface and kapow–plumes of smoke-able trichomes to unlock those CB receptors!
Nowadays we’re seeing a bit more class when it comes to combustion or vaporizing cannabis extract (commonly referred to as cannabis concentrates: wax, shatter, isolate, sauce, sugar, diamonds and so much more!
The glassware (or rigs) for dabbing is getting pretty unique as well. This line of dab rigs from GRAV have been the nicest I’ve come across. Heck, even electric nails and on-the-go dabbing set ups like this Puffco Peak retailing for just over $375…or this PAX 3 Vaporizer (a fan favorite and makes the most sense in terms of cost and functionality…and they have a great warranty!)
But what if you don’t dab-on-the-go or want to spend upwards of $250 for a device that you may only use once a month–AND want to keep healthy practices when smoking or vaporizing cannabis concentrate?

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